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Although not always the case, most of our clients have Alzheimer's or some form of Dementia. This type of client requires a great deal of labor-intensive supervision and is often not welcomed by other Adult Days Care centers.


We arrange for transportation to and from our client's home and our center. We will also make arrangements for visits to medical appointments. We have a small fleet of dealer-maintained vans for clients who are able to board by themselves or with some assistance. Clients requiring strenuous help, or who require "lift" services, are transported by the El Paso Sun Metro Lift or by personal means.

Coordinate Medical Prescriptions
and Pharmacy Delivery

Many clients have a hard time keeping proper account of their medications and an even harder time trying to coordinate fulfillment and delivery of their prescriptions from a pharmacy. To ensure having the right medicines and the right quantities, we will work with the client, his family and the client's physicians as a team so that our clients are on the proper regimen.

Day-to-day Activities

We'll do everything possible to maintain a client engaged in some form of activity throughout the day. We have a dedicated Activities Director who develops sets of activities and routines for each client. These include arts-and-crafts, painting and coloring, needlecrafts, light woodworking, etc. Our reasoning is simple, by keeping our clients engaged during the day it is more likely that they will arrive home ready to relax.

We also engage our clients in group activities such as low-impact calisthenics. The idea is to have a "group activity" and to encourage everyone to keep their bodies limber as much as possible. Precaution is taken to ensure that no client is caused unnecessary stress.

Special Activities

We invite local musical groups, artists and other entertainers to the center several times each month to provide diversity and live entertainment. Sometimes these activities are in the form of a "senior dance hall", other times it's just like going to a theater show.

Birthdays are given special notice whenever a client enjoys the attention. Cake and ice cream are special treats on these occasions.

Nursing Care

Unlike other Adult Day Care Centers in El Paso, we have a full-time RN on staff at all times. We do this because our clients have conditions that often require the level of care an R.N. is better-trained to provide. Additionally, all other staff are Texas-licensed CNAs.

Physical Therapy

We work closely with local agencies and therapists to ensure that clients needing physical therapy are provided safe and ample room for their therapies and to allot sufficient time for the sessions to be completed at a comfortable pace.